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Worldwide, white-water rafting is one of the fastest growing sports, and in Kenya this is no exception. If you have never experienced the adrenaline surging excitement of a wild river, join, or bring a group of friends or colleagues, and under the command of an experienced river guide, experience the thrills, and sometimes spills, of maneuvering a 14- foot inflatable boat through the waves, twists and falls of a white-water river. White water rafting is one of the exciting activity in Kenya’s tourist list of options and excursions available. We prefer client participation, and hence, unless requested in advance, all boats are paddled by the participants themselves. A guide in each boat just gives the commands and steers the boat. Whether you are a first-timer, family or high adventure enthusiast, you’ll find your perfect white water adventure here with Nile River Explorers. Nile River Explorers isn’t just about white water, when it comes to Jinja and the Source of the Nile, there is so much more. In addition to rafting and kayaking, we offer a wide range of river and riverbank adventure activities as well as accommodation in Jinja and safaris around Uganda. Forget the guide books, if you want up to date information on Jinja and beyond look no further. This is the Source of the Nile, the source of adventure, the source of excitement and information.


Soaring above the majestic topography of the African wild is an experience like no other. Enjoy a hot air balloon safari guaranteed to give you a whole new perspective of Africa. From the scenic plains of Masai Mara and Serengeti to the forests and rivers that command the wild. Not forgetting the many wild animals that roam freely in their natural habitats. For the Balloon Safari, you depart from your lodge or camp just before sunrise so that you arrive at the launch site for takeoff shortly after sunrise. The flight lasts for around 1 hour, with adequate opportunities for photography and video recording. In the wake of arriving, there is the conventional champagne toast, trailed by a rich bramble breakfast. Balloon itinerary is as below: 0500 Hours -Wake up 0530 Hours-Pick up 0600 Hours-Passengers arrive at the balloon launch site 0615 Hours-Balloon lift off for a flight of about one hour On Landing, passengers are provided with a delicious champagne-style bush breakfast. Flight Certificates are issued by the Flight Captain. Passengers return to their lodges or camps by about 1000hours with a short game drive enroute.


Taking a camel ride is easily the best way to fully enjoy what the remote desert and semi desert regions have to offer. During the day trips, guests get to ride and hike escorted by Samburu tribesmen throughout the adventure. Camel riding excursions are great for families and groups. Camel riding trips are available at several safari camps and lodges in Laikipia and Samburu areas of Northern Kenya.


For guests who are enthusiastic about fishing, East Africa will have you spoilt for choice. Deep sea fishing adventures are available not only at the coast in the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean but also inland in Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and also at the various smaller lakes that dot the great rift valley right across the region. Big game fish along the Kenyan and Tanzanian coasts include blue, black and striped marlin; broadbill swordfish, sailfish, various species of billfish, sharks, tuna, narrow-barred mackerel, barracuda among others.


From the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro, via the forest-clothed slopes of Mount Kenya, to the Alpine meadows of the High Atlas Mountains, Africa’s mind-blowing rooftops provide superb views and a huge variety of hiking studies that attraction to all types of climbers, from hardcore mountaineers to weekend warriors and families. Make it to the summit of Tanzania’s 5,895-meter Kilimanjaro, and you’ll be standing at Africa’s roof top. The majestic mountain is Africa’s most-visited trekking destination, attracting tens of hundreds of travelers and adventurers every year. You do not must be a technical climber to climb Mount Kilimanjaro; you simply want to be pretty bodily matc

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